zondag 8 maart 2009

Discordian spread on 8th March

Yesterday I pulled cards from my personal neurotarot, which I designed during Antero Alli's Astrologik course at the Maybe Logic Academy. The complete set and the explanations can be freely downloaded in  Maybe Quarterly, issue 7.
Frightingly accurate right now.

1. Middle card: the present  situation. Confusion.
'The Queen of Wants' (Emotional expression)
I'm full of wanting and emotion right now. But hedonism gave birth to guilt. Will binds us to its object. Without the power of love will has no power.
2. Lower left card:  how the world influences me. Chaos.
'Bat Kol' (Spiritual perception)
The voice from before the big bang calls to return home. 'The best things in life are not things'. Back to my roots.
3.Upper left card: the obstacles ahead. Discord.
'The Chameleon' (Social expression)
I have lost myself in layers upon layers of masks. I have to cease to  adapt all the time, and just be myself and make the best out of it.
4. Lower right card: how I influence the world. Bureaucracy.
'The Wheel of Fortune' (Social digestion)
Causality. Everything I do has its consequences. Insight and humility is needed. Caution for every step all the way.
5. Upper right card: the possible outcome. Aftermath
'The Architect' (Psychic expression)
Metaprogramming. Ultimately, if I start from my will (and let love feed it), and return to my roots, and am able to lay off the masks, and take my decisions with caution, then I shall finally become the master of my own game.

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  1. Hey borsky- I love your 8 circuit tarot! But I have a hard time reading anything for myself. Maybe you'd trade me a reading for a book or something? I'm gonna be posting a few titles I want to pass on to mla members on the forum next week.

  2. Mindy! I Just send you an interpretation of a spread through the MLA. Great idea of starting this book sharing. I couldn't give away my books, much too materialistic probably.