zondag 24 september 2006

The Elohim update

I finally came up with a name for god's offspring. For what it's worth - if and when I find a new home for them they'll probably be renamed blackie, pussy, 'the cat' or whatever stupid name people come up with - here goes:

Ezra. The pic doesn't show but sHe has a white stripe from top of head to chin. Looks a bit like Pound's beard.
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Orson. One big fat critter. Just like mr. Welles.
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Bucky. Has a big forehead, looks like the smartest (and smallest) of the bunch. Only has a third of a tail since birth. Was the first one to SEE. My tribute to Buckminster Fuller.
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Alfred. The most exploring, the most mature of them all (and yet the last-born). Was first to start exploring, first to wash hiRself… As discoverer of the world, named both after count Korzybski and monsieuye Jarry.
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  1. Update April 2007:
    I finally renamed the three kittens I kept
    and Butsu
    in honour of Bob. Seems fitting to name the agnostic offspring of a cat called 'god'.